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Due to COVID-19, all students must wear a mask and wash their hands upon entering EPIC Art.

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Motivated by a personal desire to introduce children to art elements, mediums, techniques, and history, I started teaching art to children in Hawaii over fifteen years ago. Today, with the demand of project based education and a decline of art in school, I continue to provide art classes for children in the Waipio EPIC Foundation art room right across from Hopaco and around the corner from Costco. Check out my upcoming courses below!


|2020 Fall Classes|

4 WEEK ART SESSIONS- Students will work with Ms. Alison for an hour each week for the 4 week session.

Class times available: WED. 3:30-4:30 PM, WED. 4:45-5:45 PM, THURS. 3:30-4:30 PM, or THURS. 4:45-5:45 PM

Cost: $70 per student, per 4 week session - for ages 6 and up. All supplies will be provided; students may bring an art shirt/apron and water bottle. 

Due to COVID-19, classes are limited to 6 students.

"Fishy Prints" - Aug. 5th - 27th: Using cardboard, string, and fabric, students will create textured, collagraph blocks, a form of relief block printing.

"Shaded Shells" - Sept. 2nd - 24th: Students will make a large drawing of seashells capturing their form and texture.

A SPECIAL 8 WEEK SESSION: "Shoe-tastic Animation" - Sept. 30th - Dec. 3rd: 

In this special 8 week session, students will collaborate to create stop-motion video shorts with shoes as the leading characters. Students will use a variety of mediums to create original art work to animate and tell their shoe-tastic story. 

SATURDAY ART DAY CAMPS- Students will complete an art project with Ms. Alison within the designated 4 hour block,12:30-4:30 PM. Cost: $70 per student, per day camp - for ages 6 and up unless specified. All supplies will be provided; students may bring an art shirt/apron, water bottle, and a snack. Due to COVID-19, classes are limited to 6 students.

"Shark Sub with Jules Verne" - August 15th: - Looking at Verne's sketch of the Nautilus, students will draw and design their own shark sub and then transform it into a plexi-glass etching block to make prints.

"Hawaiian Jungle with Henri Rousseau" - September 19th: - Students will paint a three foot mural of a Hawaiian jungle full of beautiful, large flowers and plants and hidden critters.

"Dancing Bones" - October 17th: - Students will make their own skeleton rod-marionette using light-weight polymer clay and wood.

"Minecraft Mosaics" - November 21st: - Students will use small polymer clay tiles to make a minecraft themed mosaic work of art.

"Merry Mouse House" - December 12th: - Students will make and decorate a tree stump doll house for their own wooden mouse family to live in.



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