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Motivated by a personal desire to introduce children to art elements, mediums, techniques, and history, I started teaching art to children in Hawaii several years ago. Today, with the demand of project based education and a decline of art in school, I continue to provide art classes for children in the Waipio EPIC Foundation art room right across from Hopaco and around the corner from Costco.

Check out my upcoming classes below!

Due to COVID-19, all students must wear a mask and wash their hands upon entering EPIC Art.

Thank you!

2021 EPIC Art Classes

  • 4 Week Sessions

  • for ages 6 and up

  • Wednesday or Thursday classes

  • Limit 6 in a class

  • Young Artists

  • for ages 5-7

  • Friday classes

  • Limit 4 in a class

  • Saturday Art    Day Camps

  • for ages 6 and up, unless specified

  • 12:30PM-4:30PM

  • Limit 6 in a class



Use polymer clay to recreate Matisse's goldfish painting.All materials are provided.

Make art that captures the beauty and aloha of our island. All materials are provided.

Make a rosie, reduction block print using lino cutters and ink.All materials are provided.

*For ages 10 and up


Discover value shapes in glass studying Janet Fish and using pencil. All materials are provided.

Have fun learning how to draw mighty bodies. 

All materials are provided.

Draw all the amazing details of a bee using pen and ink. All materials are provided.


Create a colored pencil painting of beautiful orchids. All materials are provided.

Create fun works of art about zoo animals. All materials are provided.

Use small dots of acrylic paint like Seurat to create a sea turtle. All materials are provided.


Use pen and ink to draw the shape and intricate details of an octopus. All materials are provided.

Get ready for summer fun by making playful works of art. All materials are provided.

With polymer clay, students will make a self portrait. All materials are provided.

Saturday classes in Moiliili coming soon!


Oil pastel drawing

A study of a Cezanne still life with apples and pears

Charcoal drawing

A value study of an outdoor space using charcoal

Graphite drawing

A graphite drawing of a collaborative still life containing objects that each student brought

Acrylic painting on a board

After drawing the wolf, this student had to create a setting for her wolf.

Paper sculpting and collage

A family portrait created collaging and shaping black roofing paper and acrylic paint

Polymer clay pet figurine

A miniature sculpture of a family pet created from using polymer clay and paint

Acrylic painting on a board

An end-of-the-semester student painting using acrylic paint

Graphite drawing

A still life study of the student's personal objects.

colored pencil drawing

A one point perspective drawing using black watercolor and colored pencils

Acrylic painting on a board

An acrylic painting on a gessoed board made by a student as a final project

Charcoal study

Focusing on positive and negative spaces, this is a charcoal drawing of a skeleton.

Colored pencil drawing

A colored pencil drawing focusing on the beautiful quilt patterns that are a traditional art in Hawaii

Graphite drawing

A table top still life graphite drawing filled with the students' personal objects

Acrylic painting on a

This is a student's final work using acrylic paint. She chose to do a study of a favorite painting.

Mono print with a turtle block

A block print created from a mono print background with a block printed turtle

Charcoal drawing

a black and white Hawaiian landscape drawing using charcoal

Colored pencil painting

A layered colored pencil painting of Hawaii's state flower, the Hibiscus

Oil pastel drawing

This is a color value study using oil pastels on a piece of black roof paper.