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Big Money

Today is tax day, April 15th. As a child, I can recall having many different boxes or cups to serve as personal banks for saving treasured loose change or earned dollars, and then the satisfaction of independence when I could walk to the gas station to buy my own treat to enjoy. Every little penny, nickel, and dime still count today. In addition to monetary value, money makes a great, table-top still life to study and draw with lots of details to capture. Zooming in and drawing big are important steps to today's project. All you need is a paper, a pen, and some money to study. Don't worry about drawing with pen and not being able to erase, this is another opportunity, much like the blind contour drawing, to strengthen the connection between your eyes and your hand. Take your time. Like a search for loose change, you will search for marks of detail in each coin or bill that you can add to your paper, creating a unique and rich value greater than the money on your table. As always, have fun!

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