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Cat Drawing Part 2

This week's video is about adding value to your cat drawing. Value defines the lights and darks of an image. You can use one pencil or many pencils to add a range of lights and darks to your cat. I am using 4B and 2B pencils in the video. If you don't have a set of drawing pencils, you can use a regular pencil to add the different values. Rather than pressing really hard, I recommend you build up your darker areas with several layers of shading and blending. I also use a small, mechanical eraser to draw out lights and create the texture of the cat's hair. You can use the eraser at the end of a pencil; if you want to make it more detailed, use a pair of scissors and cut the eraser at an angle. This will give you a finer eraser that will make awesome whiskers and hair strokes. Let's get shading!

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